Good People, a Friend!

Yeah, so I’m plugging another blogger. Just found out my children’s author friend and coach Jacqui Robbins (mentioned in a another post last fall) is now blogging in public where we can see it and observe her madness firsthand.


Two things: one, her blog sounds just like she does, which makes me pretty happy, because we don’t cross paths that often, and two, I predict that some of you folks (Ephelba, Minnie … Jinglebob, even) will really enjoy it. Read the May 13th entry first. I’m still laughing.

So take a minute to visit Jacqui’s Room, right next door to Hubba’s House in the menu at the right. And go ahead and comment. It’s great fun. Really!

3 thoughts on “Good People, a Friend!

  1. Gulp. Nervous now. Gotta run.

    (Good thing it's “just the first few pages,” because, you know, it's easy to abandon “just the first few pages” if people hate them …)

    Just kidding, Jacqui. Fire away!


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