Summer Vacation, Day 54: Call Me Trevvy

Trevor turned four a little more than a month ago. As recently as two weeks ago, I was still sailing along through Moby Dick, and the kids were asking all sorts of questions about the book I always seemed to have with me.

Trevor, in particular, was interested in the white whale himself, and asked me to find a picture of a sperm whale on the computer (i.e., google it). I forgot a time or two, and then the little man came back from Target with a new Imaginext toy purchased with his own birthday money. “That,” I told him, “is what a sperm whale looks like!”

His whale is not white, but (based on countless pages of description) it’s clearly the same species. I told him I wanted a photo of his whale – he put the harpooneer in its mouth. The package called the whale Hefty, but over supper, our son proclaimed him Moby Dick …

Today I returned to Jacqui’s Room to watch her critically acclaimed video review of the Melville classic, and thought perhaps she’d enjoy Trevvy’s staging.

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