What do you get when you cross a mule-driving machinist and a Polish preschool teacher? Archangel Stomp’s resident storyteller and wordsmith Jim Thorp.  Jim grew up hunting and fishing in rural Michigan, helped his folks raise Airedales and build a log house from scratch, then went to Yale University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology focused on human evolution. He met his wife while selling boots and moccasins at Wall Drug in South Dakota, and her solid faith sparked his reversion to Catholicism. They were married in St. Liborius Catholic Church in tiny Polo, South Dakota, and Jim was finally confirmed in the church as a husband and father of two.

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Today Jim and Jodi live in Albertville, Minnesota, and have five kids—three boys, two girls; ages 23 to 9—a beautiful daughter-in-law and grandson, and an Airedale named Bruno. They are active members of St. Michael Catholic Church in St. Michael, Minnesota.

Jim is a graduate of the St. Paul Seminary Catechetical Institute Class of St. Padre Pio (Elk River) and has worked as a journalist, PR professional, marketing writer, speechwriter, and faith formation director. He has also volunteered as a youth minister, Confirmation catechist, discipleship group leader, Theology of the Body witness, and VIRTUS instructorFor more information on what he’s up to these days, find him on LinkedIn or contact him.