High Country Fishing

So I thought I’d give words a rest and share a few photos from our mountain excursion with our good friend Cowboy Bob, while we’re on the topic.

That’s Jinglebob himself, and a shaggy varmint we’ll call The Kid. I hadn’t realize Bob hadn’t spent much time in this country; his head was turning every which way, trying to take everything in, and he kept shouting “Oohs” and “Aahs” and various expletives, whic was nerve-wracking, since he was driving, too …

Every view a postcard, but the camera won’t do them justice.

The only elk we saw in all of Colorado was this beautiful bull in Estes State Park, comfortably chewing his cud and enjoying his protected status. My dad, uncle, cousin, and a family friend had were hunting elk with black powder rifles south of here – but Bob, the Kid, and I were seeking trout.

We tried fly-fishing and casting spinners and spoons in the Colorado River for a couple of days, to no avail. On the way to the river one day we looked down into the valley to see this train snaking through a stone archway!

On the last day of fishing, we found it: a quiet mountain lake stocked with cutbows – a rainbow/cutthroat cross, I’m guessing. We fished with with worms, spinners, and a jar of salmon eggs a couple of other fishermen left for us. The Kid caught the biggest (and the smallest – poor little thing bit off more than he could chew), and the group caught 13 in all. Pan-fried with salt and lemon-pepper, they were delicious!

I’ll try to post a group shot, but I need to check with our other intrepid fisherman (and his folks) to be sure it’s alright.

5 thoughts on “High Country Fishing

  1. Oh for the memories of that area in CO. Spent a summer wandering around there… Still have an interesting friend who teaches college out east but summers not far from where you were hunting and fishing, I think you would enjoy his wisdom and wit as well…
    Thanks for blogging. I always enjoy your thoughts and stories as I am not a writer.



  2. Those are some picturesque pictures, JT. Sounds like we were both enjoying the great outdoors last week, and a good time was had by all! And The Kid looks an awful lot like his pop, don'tcha think?


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