Unable to Say What I Want to Say …

Had a dream last night that me and a bunch of my friends from high school were having dinner at a restaurant when my ex-high-school girlfriend and some of her extended family walked in, including her baby sister. Now, her baby sister was a preschooler back then, so she should be grown and graduated now, but no matter: she was there, she was tiny, and she remembered me. She very sweetly asked me to write her a note that she could take with her since she doesn’t see me anymore. I was touched.

I thought for a moment and knew exactly what I was going to say (two lines; very nice; can’t remember in the daylight). But every time I found a piece of paper to write on, it would rip or shrink while I was writing until it was far too small to say anything on!

Terribly frustrating problem to have as a writer …

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