That About Sums It Up …

Over many years, people have advised me to think about my future. Generally these conversations were about thinking about the next job and maximizing earnings. I was constantly contemplating grad school and dream jobs.

Yesterday in a moment of startling candor (startling to me), I typed this to a friend:

“My only dream these days is to eventually secede from civilized society and live a life of quiet solitude with my wife … my only contact with the outside world: four exceptional children (three boys who respect girls; one girl who respects herself) and the occasional book-length manifesto released to moderate critical acclaim.”

Don’t get me wrong: I love my current job. What’s next? Hopefully something completely different, by the sounds. Does Jodi share this dream? Depends on the definition of solitude, I suspect …

9 thoughts on “That About Sums It Up …

  1. My only requirements regarding “remote” is the kids school has to be 10 miles or less and I need a Target/Walmart type store within 30 miles. I really don't think that is asking too much. Growing up I got use to driving 1 1/2 hours to a movie or to go out to eat (other than pizza) and that was okay, but now I have a taste of luxury, so I need a little more. Believe it or not ephelba, I got my first taste in Mecosta.


  2. oh, we're talking post-graduation, i suspect — and by then, there will be no place on the planet that is more than 30 miles from a Targetish, WalMart-y type of store …

    30 miles? Really? That's far more generous than I thought you'd be!


  3. The friend I wrote this to replied that it sounded unambitious. Unambitious would be ghostwriting a management book for the CEO of a mid-size company while the kids watch SpongeBob. I'm talking about writing books I want my grandkids to pass to *their* grandkids, while my own children play White Stripes covers in the garage.


  4. Thinking of Mecosta as luxurious is hard:) One does get spoiled easily though. I myself couldn't go back to life without a dishwasher and washing machine. Nope. Also, I think, I couldn't go back to dial up internet.

    Anyone who says living a life on your own terms is unambitious obviously hasn't tried it.


  5. Jim do you really ever think there will be a Walmart within 30 miles of my ranch. Cuz if it's going to happen, I'm selling out now and moving to Alaska! Or Argentina!

    So nice to see the house that ephelba's family lives in. Got me all excited about building something similar. Want to come out and help build it this summer Jim? Think of all the cool skills them kids could learn. 🙂


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