Amphitheatre Variations

Blogger’s Note: I’m gonna send these out especially to Coach – perhaps she’ll like ’em …

curtain of rain – an
angry crow’s monologue sets
the chorus squawking

the lone wet crow cries
blackly at the sky – his rage
gains only laughter

stone courtyard: the crow
protests the feathery mob’s
murderous intent

4 thoughts on “Amphitheatre Variations

  1. Well, I like them. There's something lovely and ethereal about them. Also, I felt much today like the lone squawking crow to whom nobody (like say my kids) was listening. And, as usual, I admire and appreciate how confident you are in publishing these.

    And i typed all that one handed!


  2. I was crossing campus in a light rain under grey skies when I heard a sound — clearly crowish, but also *painful* — from nearby, down low. Before the strains had died, several other crows started, up high and jubilant, as if to shout their brother down. Strange …


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