Summer Vacation, Day 2: Random Thoughts

Random observations:

I saw a bald eagle on the way to work today. Funny how uplifting that is. It cruised, low and easy, over the highway, not necessarily oblivious to the traffic, but certainly unfazed. Reminded me of this early post.

* * * * *

I did get up and out a little earlier today. Only two extra kids, and one more on the way, when I left. I don’t know how Jodi does it … amazing!

* * * * *

A couple of mock words that have seemed appropriate these past few days:

  • parannoyed: the persistent feeling that everyone is out to bug you.
  • normallacy: the fallacy of normalcy, or the misconception that things will ever get “back to normal”

Tell me, did I make these up? I think I did, but sometimes this stuff blurs together.

* * * * *

Musicheads: I hear Springsteen in Arcade Fire. Do you?

2 thoughts on “Summer Vacation, Day 2: Random Thoughts

  1. I misread: “I saw a bald eagle on the way to work today.”
    And thought: how did Jim know it was going to work? (insert mental image of bald eagle with briefcase).

    I don't know how Jodi does it either. I can barely get my two organized.

    I am often a victim of parannoya, particularly when over-caffeinated.


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