Summer Vacation, Day 18 (Belated): Trevvy

Trevor turned four yesterday at the campground. Usually he wakes up hard, but yesterday, he was rarin’ to go! As we made our way from the cabin to the restroom, I pointed to the sign that said MEN and asked, “Trevvy, that says men … are you a man now?”

“Yup,” he said. “I’m a man, big and strong!”

Later I was telling a friend about this, and Trevor heard me. “And tough, even!” he added.

“So you’re big and strong and even tough?” I asked.

“Yup!” he said.

“How tough are you?” I asked.

“Bet I could beat you up!” he said, grinning ear to ear.

So it begins. Happy Birthday, little man!

3 thoughts on “Summer Vacation, Day 18 (Belated): Trevvy

  1. Ahh, the young bull must test himself against the old bull. Too bad he doesn't understand that the young bull can never best the old bull, until the old bull allows it.


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