Summer Vacation, Day 26: Good Friends and Beer (Belated)

For Sunday: Spent yesterday and this morning (including right now) at Cowboy Bob’s, aka Jinglebob’s or a Dennis Ranch. Guitars, dobro, harmonica, and many (many) good beers – Bass, Blue Moon, Guinness, Moose Drool, Sam Adams Summer Ale. Got to meet Hubba, visit with Deacon Tyler, and meet a number of other friends and good people from the blogosphere.

Sure was a good time, and I loved meeting all of you folks. Kids are hunting frogs and turtles with Deacon Tyler. Gotta get packed up now – headed to Wall Drug (where Jode and I met) and the Badlands.

5 thoughts on “Summer Vacation, Day 26: Good Friends and Beer (Belated)

  1. Hi! Really nice meeting you and your family yesterday at Jinglebob's! My friend Sam and I really enjoyed ourselves – the music, stories and BBQ made for a great day!


  2. Yes, it was a great time had by all! 🙂

    Thanks for being our friends and stopping in. Means a lot to an ol poop like me. 🙂

    And be very proud of those wonderful youngsters you two are doing such a good job raising!


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