Summer Vacation, Day 34: Unlike Father, Unlike Son

Brendan’s baseball team, Roger’s Radiator Repair, started the playoffs tonight as the six seed, playing St. Michael Legion, the three seed. The Radiators were up by one going into the bottom of the fifth, but couldn’t quite hold the Legion off – the score was 13-13 at the end of the fifth.

The Radiators won in the sixth inning – technically an extra inning, since no inning can start after 8:15 p.m., unless the score is tied and it’s the playoffs. Bren played the first three innings at first base, where he got three runners out, including a slow grounder which he charged and fielded, then tagged the runner.

He played catcher for the rest of the game, making a close tag at the plate to save a run in the fifth. He also had three singles, made no outs, batted in the winning run in the sixth and scored the security run himself.

The boy plays with amazing patience and poise these days. I hated catcher and first base as a player, because I never felt like I had time to breathe – always a ball coming at you …

Both he and the team are getting better every day. Go Radiators!

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