Summer Vacation, Day 49: Two Thoughts

The first thought for today is what a tremendous sense of relief I feel knowing that, as of this evening, both soccer and baseball are done for the summer. Jodi must feel ten times more relieved, since my job was usually just to relieve her at one of the fields after work so she could head to the other. She’s been Supermom – she deserves our awe, my thanks, and her own comic book.

The second thought is that every time I read Hemingway, I want to go fishing, and every time I read about Spain, I want to go to Spain. So The Sun Also Rises is thus far making me restless. It also makes me want a drink every twenty minutes or so. They drink a lot in these books. Constant buzz. At one point, the characters notice that a busy French waiter has sweated through his shirt. The stains beneath his arms are purplish. The first assumption is that the waiter must drink a lot of wine …

One thought on “Summer Vacation, Day 49: Two Thoughts

  1. Hemingway makes me want beer also.

    Cormac McCarthy, though, will sober you right up.

    And congrats on season's end. We are crazed enough with two and one can't even hold a bat yet; I don't know how you do it.


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