Summer Vacation, Day 52: Are Books Sinful?

Hey, 52 was my number in football!

Spent today cleaning and reorganizing for the most part. Put up new shelves downstairs for additional books. I’m taking a great deal of pride and pleasure from the sheer volume of books in this house. Is that wrong? I mean, attachment to material possessions isn’t a good thing, right, but books are different … aren’t they?

Good books, I mean? And educational ones? And some that are twisted and scary but well written? And some I just like?

4 thoughts on “Summer Vacation, Day 52: Are Books Sinful?

  1. Some have suggested that true evangelical poverty means that I need to divest myself of many of my books. They may be right. There are many that I have just for the sake of having. Other I will never read, and others that I will not read a second time. The just look good on a shelf. Some, though, are like dear friends. These I shall keep.


  2. Deacon Tyler – our priest in Michigan had shelves and shelves of books. He loaned them out to parishioners. He got to keep the books, while helping others. That can't be a sin – right?

    Thanks again for giving Brendan Eldest.


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