Summer Vacation, Day 56: Go Yankees!

I know that the above subject line will make some people’s blood boil. To them, I say, “Tough!”

I purchased four tickets to a Yankees-White Sox game in mid-September – part of a week-long final home-stand in The House That Ruth Built. Brendan, Gabe and I (and one other person TBD) are going to the Bronx to see the old stadium before it closes and falls. Plus NYC, the Statue of Liberty via the Staten Island Ferry, maybe. Everything we can do cheaply. Suggestions? Woohoo!

A couple days later, the Yale football plays its opener at the Yale Bowl against Georgetown. Might hit that, too – and the Peabody Museum of Natural History and Yorkside. Oh, this is gonna be fun!

It’s also gonna be a lot of driving. Even figuring diesel at $5 a gallon and only 40 mpg (I average 46 or so), it’s still way cheaper to take the Golf than fly or Amtrak it. Could check the bus, I guess …

4 thoughts on “Summer Vacation, Day 56: Go Yankees!

  1. I have to admit I am going to be happy for Pudge to get a chance to play on a team that is closer to being in contention. I also am not sure Pudge will make the difference, but I think it was a trade both teams needed. The Tigers clearly need bullpen help and the Yankees have a need at catcher. So, are you going to a game at Yankee Stadium?


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