Summer Vacation, Day 73: BFF and Stuff

Cooked breakfast for the masses this morning, then met some dear friends, Matt and Laura, in Big Rapids for a couple hours. Played in the park with their two boys and met their twin daughters (age 2 and a half already!) Then on to Todd and Suzette’s place.

There are friends, friends, friends, and friends in this world. Some you’ve known forever and love to see. Some you’ve grown with – as individuals, couples, families. Some you meet over the years, unexpectedly, and hit it off with – something new forms in a strange place!

And some transcend all of that. Maybe we’re just lucky – but we have friends who are like soul-mates en masse. We love each other like family, celebrate like friends, and trust each other completely. God has blessed us with people like our own. It’s so good to see them!

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