Summer Vacation, Day 77: Quite a Coincidence!

This evening we’re getting our first family photo in ages taken for the church directory (and possible purchase and dissemination). We were talking about how long it had been over supper last night, and it came up that, the last time, four-year-old Trevor was not in the photo. (In fact, he was not yet an agreed-upon eventuality at that moment.)

“Was I still inside Mommy?” asked Trevor.

“Sort of, yeah,” I said.

“When did I get out of Mommy?” he asked.

“June 21, 2004,” said Jodi.

His face broke into a surprised smile. “So when I popped out, it was my birthday?!” he asked.

We all laughed long and loud over this, and Brendan attempted to explain that that’s what a birthday is. It was lost on Trevvy, who could not believe his good fortune, having “popped out” on his birthday.

Jodi laughed loudest, I think – I suspect at the notion that, at 12 pounds, 2 ounces, Trevor “popped” at all!

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