Summer Vacation, Day 80: Like Breathing

Extended Blogger’s Note: Our dear “elder daughter” and Trevor’s godmother Betsy, referenced here, is coming to visit for a week beginning tomorrow. Can’t wait to see her! I used to try to explain to her and her friends in our church youth group back in Michigan that they need not be self conscious when they prayer – you can’t really do it wrong, as long as use your heart and mean it sincerely. Too many people stress about praying “right” and let it keep them from praying. Anyway, a poem, of sorts …

like breathing
it doesn’t take real effort, like
deep thought or the flight
of birds. prayer is like
breathing — you can’t do it
wrong. think respiration:
the diaphragm draws
downward; air rushes
to fill the void, lungs
inflate, blood and alveoli
trade in gases. molecules
swirl and dance
bond and break
according to laws
of biology

close your eyes.
breathe in
and out again.
it’s inspiration and
exhalation — it’s

j. thorp
20 July 2003

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