Summer Vacation, Day 86: Summer’s End

Well, here it is – the last, long weekend of summer. I think this daily blogging sped the days by quicker than usual (and they pass quick enough, anyway!). After Monday, it’s back to the occasional/as needed blog posts. I’ll try to give you three more good’ns before then, but tonight, I’m tired and it’s late.

Thanks, all, for reading. If you never commented, do – it does a guy good to know you’re there.

6 thoughts on “Summer Vacation, Day 86: Summer’s End

  1. Just a little note to tell you I have enjoyed the daily reading… poems, happenings and alike. All good stuff. Thanks for sharing. We are off to our second day of the state fair today, our favorite end to the summer.



  2. Did you know that your rarely seen cousin-in-law lurks about? I'm actually here quite frequently. Your writing style, the family updates and a computer addiction keep me coming back.

    And now you know.


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