What’s Not to Love?

I’m a lucky guy. See, I’ve got these friends from here and there – all different sorts, from my Yale days and my Wall Drug days and my Hanley Wood Marketing days and even my Chippewa Hills High School days – and they all drop by here now and again and share cyberspace with me and each other.

You gotta understand: Some of these folks might not ever cross paths. Some of them might not see eye to eye on much of anything. But I love ’em all, and this little corner of the blog-o-sphere is the sort of place (so far) where they can come and have a beer and recognize that they’re all just folks, just trying to get by …

OK, maybe that’s laying it on a little thick. Maybe they just read something now and again, and comment, and never realize who these other folks are. But the point is that I know who they are – and I think it’s so cool they cross paths here!

So this super-cool, ultra-famous children’s author I know – who used to be my RA sort of thing in college – did something heretofore unprecedented: she hearted my blog. Thus the grade-school love-note badge, above.

She comments from time to time, but I didn’t know she liked it well enough to give it an award and stuff and recommend it to her (also ultra-cool) writer friends. Wow.

Of course, I heart the heck out of her blog, too – but I’m obligated to pass the honor on, and not simply reciprocate.

I love a number of blogs – but most of the bloggers were friends first. However, this past year I visited a new blog. A friend of a friend is the author. I have sense become a devoted reader, podcast-listener, frequent commenter, fan, and yeah, I’d say friend, of the blogger.

So if you’re out there and you haven’t already, visit Hubba’s House. Hubba, I heart your blog!

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