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Blogger’s Note: This blog serves many purposes: instant writer gratification, testing ground for new ideas, opportunity to spout off … and, importantly, archive of cute Thorplet anecdotes. This post falls firmly into that category. (I apologize that one of these is a Facebook rerun from Jodi’s page, but Facebook is temporary. Werd-Fu is forever.)

First, a conversation between Trevor and Jodi on Monday:

Trevor: “Mom, is there really an Easter Bunny?”

Jodi: “What do you think?”

Trevor: “Wow, there really is! But mom, I didn’t know a bunny could hide eggs when it is hopping. It should be the Easter kangaroo!”

I especially love his reaction to the question, “What do you think?” That question is, hands down, the best parental response to any faith-related question from a child age 7 or less. They want to believe!

Now, a couple of gems from today. First, while he was eating lunch, completely out of the blue he said:

“Dad, if you have one more than an even number, then you can have a middle, right?”

Absolutely right. He claimed he was just thinking about it, and it came to him on the spot.

A little while later, while I was standing on a snowy front step, calling Puck:

“Dad, if I was you and I was outside, I would say, ‘Meow!’ because dogs like to chase cats!”

I tried it in the house a bit later. Puck looked disgusted.

3 thoughts on “Trevor’s Latest

  1. I love “what do you think” for a lot of questions. But now, at seven, I often get Tink asking me that back when I'm asking a rhetorical, behavior-directing question.

    “Tink, where does that coat go?”

    “What do you think?”



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