Has This Ever Happened to You?

Ever see someone a block or so away and say to yourself, “Wow, that looks just like so-and-so.” and then move a bit closer and think, “Maybe it is so-and-so!” and get kind of excited to see this person? And then get closer and say, “Oh. Maybe not.” and then get really close and think, “Eesh! Nope, not so-and-so. Not at all!” and feel bad for ever thinking that person could have been so-and-so? And then feel even worse because of the strong visceral reaction to this stranger you mistakenly thought you knew, when there wasn’t anything at all wrong with them except that they weren’t. so-and-so. at. all.*

Never happened to you?

Oh. Well, I thought I saw you this morning. Maybe I just miss you.

*Like, decades older, frumpy and disheveled. Which so-and-so clearly isn’t.

3 thoughts on “Has This Ever Happened to You?

  1. Yep. . .several years ago, I thought your dad's sister, Joyce came into The Old Craft Store. I did the classic double-take. She looked like I remembered about 30 years ago. I even called her Joyce.


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