Book Break: Zen Poetry Addendum (for Jinglebob)

Perhaps there is one poem in Ko Un’s collection, Flowers of a Moment, that both an evolutionary anthropology student and a South Dakota horseman can enjoy:


We can never again speed
on four legs
over those plains
and ridges where the mist has cleared

Ah, the curse of homo erectus


No rhyme, no meter, but it strikes home for me…it’s how I feel each time I overlook the Missouri, headed west.

5 thoughts on “Book Break: Zen Poetry Addendum (for Jinglebob)

  1. Jinglebob, Jinglebob, Jinglebob… 🙂

    Perhaps he is neither. Perhaps the urge you have to be horseback and the urge he has to be a fleet-footed quadruped are the same. Perhaps horses are harder to come by in Korea, or perhaps he's merely pointing out that the urge he feels is deeper than a choice to go riding some early morning.


  2. Would you call me a cretin if I told you that the first thing I thought of when I read your comment was: If there is a lack of horses in Korea, it's probably because they ATE them all.?

    I know. That's just wrong.
    I'll shut up now.


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