Trevor Day

Before supper tonight, I received a variety of homemade and store-bought Father’s Day greetings. After supper, Trevor says, “I wish there was a Trevor Day, when everyone in the world named Trevor could do what ever they wanted, and if they wanted to play with their brothers’ Legos, they could for as long as they want.”

Our youngest is six tomorrow. Happy birthday, Trevvy!

2 thoughts on “Trevor Day

  1. Happy Birthday, Trevvy! It's your day! Go ahead: play with your brothers' Legos. Go crazy!

    Hugs from Leo, Gus & Jen
    (we miss you!)


  2. Have you read The Kingdom without Rules? When young Benjamin becomes king, he sets up rules such as: every afternoon everyone must come over to Benjamin's to play cowboys and sing “Oh Benjamin, He's a Heck of a Guy.”

    Happy birthday!


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