Pre-Election Rant-A-Day 6: The Spin Cycle

Blogger’s Note: Been too good a day today for much of a rant. But for consistency’s sake…

I got another mailing from a candidate today, and two voicemails. Same thing as yesterday, basically. Yesterday was this: a political mailing featuring a lovely smiling woman who received an A from the NRA, and a frowning, shouting woman who received an F from the NRA. Brendan saw it, and was amused when I pointed out that, apparently, beautiful happy people support gun rights, and ugly mean people don’t.

Bren looked at the two photos and quickly added, “Plus, if you don’t support gun rights, you’re black and white.”

We live in a solidly Republican district. Bachmann’s district. Emmer’s district. So yesterday we also got a mailing from our perennial Democratic candidate for state Senate. Interesting: She was pictured in blaze orange, shooting a pump shotgun. She highlighted her high school, including the word “Archbishop” in big bold letters. And nowhere did it mention that she’s a Democrat.

Photoshop and soundbites, instead of clarity and ideas. This stuff must work on some voters, but I’ve done PR and marketing work. These days, the spin makes me nauseous.

2 thoughts on “Pre-Election Rant-A-Day 6: The Spin Cycle

  1. If all the people I disagreed with were black and white, though, I could sure see them comin'… What's the old joke about praying for our enemies: “If you can't turn their hearts, Lord, turn their ankles so I'll know them by their limps.” 🙂


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