Pre-Election Rant-A-Day 8: VOTE!

Blogger’s Note: This will be my final rant, for awhile, at least. To tell the truth, I finding the Rant-A-Day format completely exhausting. Not sure I’ll even be able to muster a little righteous indignation tomorrow, which is a pity, especially when watching election returns. I don’t know how the cable pundits do it day after day…

I had another long, ranting rant planned on a whole other topic loosely related to the election. But no. Just vote tomorrow. Vote as if you life depended on it, because maybe one day it will. Vote because someone fought and died so you could. Vote because someone fought and died because they couldn’t. Vote because your kids need that example. Vote because they need a future only you can give them.

Don’t like the major-party candidates? Me neither. Vote third-party, then. Don’t want to throw your vote away (or don’t like the third-party folks either). Me neither. Pick one. Hold your nose and have an opinion. (And next time, consider running!)

Want to gripe about the sad state of politics and government. Vote. Want to change the direction of a nation? Vote. Don’t miss this opportunity. Don’t cede power. Don’t give up control. Read up, get up, line up, vote.

Or don’t come cryin’ to me.

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