Knock-Knock. Housekeeping!

I put the “Privacy” sign up on my door this afternoon because I was working and hadn’t messed the room up enough or used enough towels to require housekeeping. A little after noon, someone quietly slipped a card under the door, basically saying that in order to respect my wishes not to be disturbed, they would be unable to service my room — but that if I needed anything, to please call housekeeping by 3 p.m.

Very nice, right?

So at 2:30 p.m., I’m still working away, and — knock-knock-knock — ‘”Housekeeping?”


I start for the door. Knock-knock-knock — ‘”Housekeeping!”

I get to the door, and the voice says to someone else, “Oh, there’s someone here.”


I open the door. She has a manager’s nametag and my privacy sign in her hand. “I’m sorry, sir — are you checking out today?”

“Nope. Not until tomorrow.”

“And do you need service for your room?”

“Nope. Everything’s fine.”

“Okay!” she says, and smiles, handing me my privacy sign.

It’s not that my privacy was that important — but what’s the purpose of the sign and note?

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