The Second Third, Week 20: Good Shootin’

Blogger’s Note: Sorry about the ad in the clip above; I couldn’t find an ad-free clip online.

Emma Rose turned nine today. Nine years old already, and I have friends and family whose tween and teen daughters are noticing — and worse, being noticed by — boys. I was thinking about this past year, and Emma getting her ears pierced on her own dime, and cutting her hair to donate to Locks of Love. She’s growing up faster than I’d like.

I was thinking about what a beautiful, bright young girl she is — what a tremendous blessing she is to us, and how none of the boys in the area better get any ideas — and a variation on the old “cleaning the guns” scare tactic occurred to me. I’d like to invite the young man to the range with me — my treat — just to get to know him better. And in my Second Third, I hope to master both the shooting tricks shown in the clip above from A Fistful of Dollars. I have the weapons for the job.

Bet I wouldn’t have to say a word…

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