The Second Third, Week 33: Taking It All In

Blogger’s Note: Sorry so late. On the road in South Dakota.

In many ways, , our fifth child is a second chance of sorts for me. It’s been seven years since Jodi’s been pregnant. I was involved in the past: I attended doctor’s appointments when I could, encouraged my bride and cut the cord, helped with the older kids and the baby when practical, and generally tried to be a good dad. But even with Trevor — even though we thought we might be done having children — I never thought of it as over or that I’d miss anything.

But I did miss it. My wife is beautiful always, but uniquely so when pregnant, and the miracle of new life has not lost its wonder. So in my Second Third — since this may or may not ever happen again — I’m taking it all in: every appointment and ultrasound, the anticipation, the excitement of our children…and in December, God willing, every moment and change in our new growing baby. I cannot wait. Best. Christmas. Ever.

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