Covert Lily

Here comes trouble…

Our youngest is quite the explorer these days — and she is completely obsessed with anything resembling a cell phone, computer or remote control (which may be an indicator of how we spend too much time, but that’s another topic…). A few days back, Jodi caught her standing and leaning against The Big Chair in our living room, fully extended, trying to reach the iPod Touch someone had left on the armrest.

“No, Lily,” said Jodi, and our monsterpiece plopped to the floor and began to cry.

Jodi went about her work, and Lily soon calmed herself. A short while later Jodi looked back to the chair to see the iPod was gone. She stepped into the living room to see Lily standing next to The Big Chair. Lily smiled her adorable, open-mouth, gasping grin, showing all her budding toofers, and looked adoringly at her mother.

“Hi, baby!” cooed Jodi, her eyes scanning for the iPod. “Are you soooo happy to see me?”

Lily grinning, and bounced, and babbled. Jodi spied the iPod Touch, which had somehow been knocked from the armrest and slipped between the cushion and side of the chair. She continued to banter with Lily while secretly sliding her hand between the cushion and chair and palming the gadget.

“You be a good girl,” Jodi called cheerfully, stepping back into the kitchen.

She watched quietly from just out of sight. The grin left Lily’s face quickly, and she turned to the chair and reached to the spot between the cushion and the chair where the iPod had been moments before.

Then she cried and cried.

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