Tales of the Inexplicably Frightening III

Heard on the way to work this morning: Numerous pundits and primary voters claiming that, in the past few days, Hillary Clinton has finally shown her humanity and proven she has a soul.

Initial reaction: Shouldn’t one’s humanity and possession of a soul be some sort of baseline requirement for public office, rather than the thing that pushes you over the top?

Current thinking: So along with calculating and ambitious, we get get emotional and fallible — bonus!

Bottom line: Maybe a cold, calculating leader with a commanding presence wouldn’t be so bad — vote Zod in 2008!

8 thoughts on “Tales of the Inexplicably Frightening III

  1. Oh, come on — that site's funny! General Zod demands nothing but but your possessions and your very lives. In return you enjoy absolute security and brutal certainty the rest of your life. Mwuhahahaha!

    The original Superman was a good flick — I gotta rent it sometime.

    And the move? Because this is more fun. I might hang on to Viable Thrids through the election, in case McCain and Leiberman take a indie run at the White House.

    Who was I kidding? I don't want anything to do with public policy. I wanna write stuff.


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