Trevvy Logic

I could hide out under there
I just made you say underwear …
Barenaked Ladies, “Pinch”

Our youngest, three-year-old Trevor, applies a certain, consistent logic to the new words he’s learning in order to figure out what they mean. For example, out of the blue he will proudly announce, “Mom, I know why we say toothbrush – because we clean our teeth with it, and because it’s a brush … toothbrush!”

He applies this equally to simple and compound words, so that the results are often unintentionally nonsensical and funny, e.g. “I know why they’re called suckers … because you suck on them, and because they’re ers!”

So last night we’re enjoying a small dish of ice cream, and he begins: “I know why we say ice cream … because it’s really cold, and because it’s cream – ice cream!”

“That’s right, Trevvy!” says Jodi, and I ask, “Trevor, why do they call it chewing gum?”

“Because you chew it, and because it’s gum!” he says proudly.

“And why,” I ask, “do we call it underwear?”

He stumbles a moment, working it through in his head.

“Because it goes under your pants,” he says, “and then it’s like it’s gone!”

* * * * *

Blogger’s Note: If you aren’t laughing, don’t worry – it took us a moment, too. Homophones are great fun, aren’t they?

Additional Note: On a mostly unrelated note, this morning, Trevor approached Emma, placed his palm on top of his head, and said, “Emma, this is how tall I am. I’m this tall!”

4 thoughts on “Trevvy Logic

  1. Were you at my house this morning??
    Syd: “Butter! Hey! Butter is a compound word. Because there's butt and ter.”
    Me: “Uh, Syd, what's ter?”
    Syd: “It goes with butts.”


  2. Oh for the fun things of the 4ish crowd. I love it! Just yesterday our girls were playing outside. I observed Nora handing a toy dish to Ella. Ella then found a dead boxelder bug to put in the dish. She then gave it back to Nora but with the bonus bug. Nora looks at it and then says “That's a beauty alright, thanks much”. Funny kids.
    Thanks for sharing the wisdom of your kids on your blog. Enjoy reading it…

    -Kristi (Minnie)


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