Summer Vacation, Day 14: Love’s Lamp

Blogger’s Note: Here’s some sappiness I wrote in summer of 1996, just prior to marrying Jodi. In case you’re wondering, yes, I wrote it for her.

Love’s Lamp
When day breaks red o’er eastern shores
And east-bound clouds hang low and black,
Dark waters swell and Zephyr roars,
And we, too far now to turn back,
Must set our sails and forward go
With storm above and flood below.

Soon all is one grey water-world;
Rains drowns the air ’tween sea and sky.
November’s witch, her wrath unfurled,
With thunder drowns my frightened cries.
Brief lightening grins on my distress;
The gale now blows directionless.

At times like this, when hope is gone,
When ship is battered, spun and tossed –
When light from stars, or moon, or sun,
Cannot be found, so path is lost –
The witch spews forth with earthly might;
You guide me with more heav’nly light.

On far horizon thru the storm
You beckon me to harbor sweet.
Light of the earth, yet heaven-born,
Thru wind and rain my eyes doth greet.
Toward you I turn for strength and aid
And forward press, my fears allayed.

Angelic beacon, guiding light,
Send forth thy beams to me embrace
Like lover’s arms in dark of night!
Smile softly on my weary face
And draw me near, that I may sleep
Dream-free from visions of the deep.

The sun has sunk beneath the sea;
The sky glows scarlet to the west.
The witch had fled, and as for me,
I’ve found safe harbor, food, and rest.
You’ve led me home, to my delight,
I’ll sleep in peace near you tonight.

J. Thorp

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