Summer Vacation, Day 15: Dead Frog Walkin’

Blogger’s Note: I’m postponing my musings on Slaughterhouse-Five in favor of a “cute kid” story from tonight. And it’s not even about one of my kids!

I’m lying in the lush green grass beside the soccer fields, soaking up the abundant sunshine and watching Emma’s team (the Flames!) warm up, when a little boy and his dad pass behind me.

Says the boy: “Dad, you wanna know how I know God is real?”

“How’s that?” asks his dad.

“Because one time I saw a dead frog in the yard,” says the boy, “and the next day, it was gone!”

They kept walking, so I didn’t hear Dad’s response. I wonder, did the boy assume resurrection, assumption, or both?

2 thoughts on “Summer Vacation, Day 15: Dead Frog Walkin’

  1. I wish you'd heard the dad. I only hope that in the same situation, in the moment, I'd have the wisdom just to nod and say nothing. I am learning that my children's big ideas are far deeper, and more beautiful, when I leave them alone.


  2. I tend to encourage them to thing more about it — “What do you think God did with the frog?” That sort of thing. Sometimes the result is profound. Sometimes hilarious. And, sometimes, both.


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