Summer Vacation, Day 20: Heavenly Humor

Another inspiration courtesy of Hubba:

Heaven, it turns out, has a heckuva golf course, and you never know who you’ll see playing together up there. So one heavenly morning, a threesome shows up, and the first golfer tees off – and hits it straight toward a pond between the tee and the hole. As the ball approaches, however, the waters of the pond part, and the ball rolls across on dry ground and drops – plunk! – in the hole.

“Nice shot, Moses,” his partners agree.

The second golfer tees off, but again, hits the ball straight for the pond. This time, however, the ball rolls lightly across the surface of the pond and drops – plunk! – in the hole.

“Good one, Jesus,” says Moses.

The third golfer steps to the tee, and just like the others, drives the ball straight at the pond. Sploosh! – the ball sinks like a stone. Moses is speechless. Jesus quietly shakes his head.

There is a ripple in the water as a fish turns suddenly and scoops the ball up in its mouth. It turns toward the deeper water, only to be snatched from the water by an eagle flying by. As the great bird passes overhead, the fish gasps and the ball drops on the green at the edge of the hole. At the sight of the great bird’s shadow, a gopher scampers toward its hole, spooking a butterfly, whose gentle wing-beats send the slightest whisper of wind across the manicured grass, and the ball drops – plunk! – in the hole.

Jesus says, “Nice shot, Dad.”

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