Summer Vacation, Day 60: The Wizard of Oz

Last night the kids wanted to watch a movie. It’s sometimes a challenge to get them to agree on a single flick – but our DVD player downstairs isn’t working, so we’re limited to the older movies we have on VHS.

Still they were going back and forth, so I said, “How about The Wizard of Oz?” Why, you ask? I dunno – maybe because Jacqui had been blogging about it …

“Yeah!” said Emma.

“Yeah!” said Gabe.

“Um – no!” said Trevor.

“You haven’t even seen The Wizard of Oz, Trevor!” I said, although Jodi’s eyes warned me otherwise.

“Uh-HUUUH!” insisted Trevor.

“Really. What did you see?”

“There were monkeys, and even they could fly!” he said, a big smile breaking across his face.

“Flying monkeys?! That sounds pretty cool! What else?”

“And there was a lion!”

“Was it a mean lion?”

“No, he was a nice lion – even there was a scarecrow!”

“A scarecrow, too? Was he scary?”

“No, and even there was a dog!”

“Wait a minute,” I said. “The Wizard of Oz has flying monkeys, a lion, a scarecrow and a dog? This sounds like a pretty good movie!”

Trevor, by this point was grinning ear to ear, and nodding along with his description.

“And even there’s a collection!”

“A collec … a what?”

“There’s a collection, and even he can move!”

“A collection that moves?” I asked.

“Even the collection has an ax, and even the ax can break wood!”

But of course: the Tin Man, a collection! “Well, Trevvy – that sounds like about the best movie ever!” I said. “Wanna watch it?”

“Yeah – let’s watch it!” he cheered.

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