They Call the Trina Bina

So we went through a windy spell a few weeks back, and I made some comment about Mariah singing me to sleep. Then I googled the song, and found the video below. (I hadn’t known where the song came from.)

Then my good friend, Laura of Laura the Crazy Mama fame, commented how much she loves that song, and that her eldest daughter’s middle name is Mariah…which was funny, because everyone calls her eldest daughter Trina Bina. (That’s Treena Beena, in case it’s not clear.) Jodi said as much — “I thought her middle name was Bina” — and, since just a week or so prior (in a beer-weakened moment) Laura’s husband had spilled his guts about how he and Laura met, well, the makings of a song just percolated up real natural-like. With any luck, a super-creative and somewhat musical family like Laura’s brood will record this — maybe even post a video on YouTube.

So with a shout-out to Mamaloco and Trina the Crazy Big Sis (and with apologies to Butch):

They Call the Trina Bina
In Albertville, they’ve got nicknames
For Nielsen sons and daughters.
The Nick is “Bock”; the Lise is “Weez”–
And they call the Trina “Bina”…

Katreenaaaah! Katreenaaaah!
They call Katrina “Bina”…

Ol’ Butch he sat at home that night
When came a knock at his door
Up jumped his friend, and he let in
His girlfriend, yes, and one moooore…

They played at cards, then watched a film,
When out they should be goin’.
He wanted then to punch his friend
But inside love was growin’…

Katreenaaaah! Katreenaaaah!
They call Katrina “Bina”…

He watched her in the mirror and she
Pretended not to mind him.
Her hair she tossed, and he was lost,
Where only God could find him.

From that day on, a family man
Butch was, and a provider
He worked away, and all the day
He dreamt he was beside her.

Katreenaaaah! Katreenaaaah!
They call Katrina “Bina”…

A lovely mama Laura made
But loco as a ferret.
She homeschools, blogs, and often jogs
And Butch must grin and bear it.

They’ve rolled a lucky seven since
Three boys, four lovely ladies—
And nicknames all they always call
From teens right down to babies.

So Matt is Matty; Nicker’s Bock;
There’s Mari and there’s Lina
Tommy’s easy; that one’s Weezy!
And they call the Trina Bina…

Katreenaaaah! Katreenaaaah!
They call Katrina “Bina”…

Katrina! Katreenaaaaaaaaaah!…
Oh, lend some saniteeeeeeee!

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