Long Way Down (and The Litany of Patience)

Last week of August. The kids are heading back to school soon. I’m still working the early morning shift at FedEx, sorting packages; still waiting to hear on a couple of jobs that would be a huge step in the right direction (writing for the Church); still trying to write daily. Still praying, growing closer to Jesus and Mary—and yet, still anxious.

Today’s post won’t be much, except to share that I am, every day, trying and struggling to give up my will in favor of His. I’m trying to surrender. It’s like a trust fall into the immeasurable depths of God’s love and mercy: I know He’s there to catch me, but it’s so…far…down.

I haven’t hit bottom—but I’m still waiting to for the catch, too!

The Evangelista, a Catholic blogger I do not know, but whose work I’m beginning to like, wrote a prayer for just such a time as this. Called “The Litany of Patience,” or “The Choleric’s Prayer,” it’s based on “The Litany of Humility” (another humdinger of a prayer that I need, daily, right now). It goes like this:

From the desire to control my life,

R: Deliver me, O Jesus.

From rash judgment and haste…

From impulsive decision making…

From the desire to act when I need to be still…

From the desire to speak when I need to stay silent…

From the delusion that my own ideas and plans are what would be best…

From impatience with the sins and idiosyncrasies of others…

From impatience with my own sins and slow growth in virtue…

From impatience with Your plan for my life…

From the desire to live on my own timeline…

From the fear of running out of time…

From the fear of aging and death…

From the temptation to act out of sorrow, discouragement, anxiety, or fear…


Lord, teach me to trust your love so entirely:

That I may wait upon your Word before making important decisions.

That I may not get ahead of or behind your Spirit.

That I may maintain an eternal perspective in all that I do.

That I may accept and surrender to your will for me daily.

That I may truly believe that ALL things work for the good of those who love you.

That I may radiate to others Your peace and joy which surpass all understanding.


If you like it, pray it and share it (preferably from The Evangelista’s site; she deserves the credit and the traffic). Pray for me, and I’ll pray for you: leave your intentions in the comments, or shoot me an email through the Contact page!

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