Worth Living

I am blessed this morning to be sitting in the morning sun, overlooking a lake, drinking coffee and listening to an abundance of birds of all shapes and sizes squabbling over breakfast. Swallows and sparrows, redwings and robins, hawks, herons and hummers, filling the air with a cacophony of sound. The blue of the sky is reflected in the rippling water; all else is gold and green, as from my perch I watch three varieties of squirrel cross-crossing the grass seeking food: sleek grays, feisty reds and bold chipmunks.

That God would grace creation with even one prototypical bird or rodent is nothing to sneeze at, and here are so many different kinds, each beautiful in its way—and each created for us.

Do you realize? We believe that all of Creation in its incredible variety was made, out of love, for us. God worked for six “days” establishing the order of the universe and the wonders of the living world, and then made us in His image, giving us stewardship of everything.

And behold, it was very good.

 Contrast this view to the scary picture of Creation painted and packaged by our media these days. In recent weeks:

  • I’ve seen multiple references to the “evil” coronavirus that is “hunting” us;
  • I’ve read a pitch for a public health documentary that began, “The universe is trying to kill us”;
  • And (this one, regrettably, made me shout an expletive) I’ve heard a newscaster who was talking about the recent passing comet say, “For better or for worse, it’s not going to hit us.”

Let’s take these one by one:

  • COVID-19 is chemistry and mathematics. It has no sense of purpose or intention. It cannot hunt; it cannot choose; it does not stalk or target anyone.
  • Similarly, the universe has no will of its own, so it cannot be trying to kill us. (If it were, how could we even last a day?)
  • And if we’ve reached the point we would be better off dead, what’s with the masks and social distancing?

The irony of a world that wants to deny the existence of God and the meaning of human life now attributing will and motive to a virus or the universe should not be lost on anyone. And this idea that the world is somehow out to get us leads to the hopeless, fatalistic view expressed by the newscaster. However tongue-in-cheek he may have meant it, it’s not funny.

Viruses are what they are and do what they do. The fact that we live in an ordered universe is the reason we can study, learn, and respond to them in a meaningful way. And that same ordered universe reveals the mind of the Creator—ordered, rational and oriented toward life. Our life.

Life is good. And so are we.

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