"The New Girl … and Me"

There’s a new girl on my blog. Way over there on the right and down a little bit … yup, just there, under “Friends and Good People.”

Jacqui Robbins helped this guy I know, an awkward, melon-headed kid from Michigan, adjust to life at Yale, and now she’s in Michigan, writing children’s books. And she has a book out, called “The New Girl … and Me.”

And – get this – thanks to First Book and Spoonfuls of Stories, they’re giving the book away for free in boxes of Cheerios right now!

If you have little ones at home, then you’re bound to need Cheerios, and you’ll recognize this story as true-to-life, and beautiful and funny as only kids can be – so pick it up.

If you don’t have kids at home, you can still eat Cheerios (good for your heart), read the story (also good for your heart), read it again en español (the Cheerios version is bilingual), then give it away (very nice!) or keep it (we won’t tell).

The point is, check it out. The Cheerios version is pretty tiny, but I’m sure you can get nice hardcover ones at bookstores and stuff!

Congratulations, Jacqui – and in case I didn’t tell you before, thanks.

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