Summer Vacation, Day 23: Wandering Mind …

Done with work for a better than a week. Tomorrow afternoon we head west. Tonight, the mind wanders, unhobbled, grazing freely where it will. Ah!

* * * * *

Yesterday at the baseball practice, Trevor spotted a tiny sparrow (not one of the fat noisy English guys) hopping through the grass.

“I just saw a walking bird,” he said. “Why do some birds walk?”

“They walk when they look in the grass for food,” I said.

He climbed down from the bleachers and walked toward the grass. I watched older boys take batting practice.

Trevvy came back, looking slightly flush. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I guess some walking birds are walking birds and flying birds!” he said.

* * * * *

I passed a car on the way home today missing an entire front fender and half the grill. As I passed I noticed the driver with her cell phone in her left hand, tight to her ear, and her right hand gesturing wildly in time with her fast-flapping lips. So: steering with her knees, or not at all? She’s done this at least once before, I suspect …

* * * * *

The beans and sunflowers I planted late this spring have germinated and are growing nearly as fast as the weeds. That little miracle never gets old for me, any more than animal births. How is it that vegans aren’t bothered by eating sprouts?

* * * * *

Wow, it feels good to be off. The Cold Spring Pale Ale is kicking in, though. Lil sleepy. See you soon …

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