A Man of Many Mothers

I am blessed to have so many wonderful mothers in my life, and on this day, it is my joy and honor to lift up many of them to God to receive His blessing. Happy Mother’s Day!

To Sharon, my mom and busia to my children: God bless you for your love and affection for me (I was and am a boy who needs it!), for the great gift of baptism into God’s family, for your faithful example of marriage and motherhood as we started our own family, and for your constant support and prayers for our family. I love you.

To Jodi, my bride and mother of my children: I would not be any sort of man, husband or father, without your constant love and mercy. God bless you for always making time for others, for your steadfast and peaceful spirit in the face of my sudden emotions, for seeing me as God does and loving me while I was stuck in sin, and for making me a father six times over (five here and one in heaven). I love you.

To Becky, the bride of my eldest son and expectant mother of our grandchild: You are a beacon, dear daughter-in-law, and a source of strength and blessing for Brendan and our entire family. God bless you for your deep love of Christ, your yes to marriage and motherhood, your joy in your vocation, even during these challenging times—and for the new life in your womb. I love you.

To my grandma, Rowena Thorp, and my dear departed busia, Stella Galubenski. God bless you, Grandma Thorp, for your example of self-reliance and constant care of everyone around you, and God bless you to my busia in heaven, for your faithfulness, your love and your constant intercession. I love you both.

To Pam, the mother of my bride and my second mom: I am so blessed to have a mother-in-law whom I love and enjoy so much. God bless you for the gift of Jodi, my bride and rock, for your love and affection over the years, and for every prayer you’ve ever offered on our behalf. I love you.

To Jill, my sister and friend: By your life and example, you have taught me more about God’s mercy and love than any person I can think of in this life. God bless you for your strength, selflessness, charity and forgiveness—you often credit our family for drawing you back to the Church, but your example has helped to save my soul. I love you.

To Jodi’s sister Brenda and sisters-in-law NaCole and Tally: God bless you three for your yes to motherhood, with all the blessings and sacrifices that come with it, and your constant courage and love for your families. Know of my prayers—I love you!

To Stacy and Suzette, my spiritual sisters. Who knew you could have such friends? God bless you, Stacy, moja siostra polska and adopted mother to our children, for tolerating my constant/so-called humor at your expense, for every laugh we’ve shared, every prayer you’ve offered, and every hug (but especially those in which you are standing two stairs higher than me, so you don’t seem quite as short); and God bless you, Suz, my dear friend and Jodi’s “twin sister,” for tolerating all my shortcomings during those long nights at the Pioneer, for making us godparents and being godmother to our daughter, and for every laugh we’ve shared and memory we’ve made over the years. I love you both.

To all my various work moms over the years. God bless you for your advice and support—if you think I may be talking about you, I am. From age 16 forward, I’ve been well cared for, and I love you.

To our Blessed Mother in heaven. It has only been in recent years that I’ve realized how close you are and have always been to me, Mother Mary. God bless you and I thank you for your constant love, care, intercession and example, not just for me but all of the good women above. I find such comfort at your feet, with your hands upon my head and your voice encouraging me, guiding me on sure paths to your Son. Totus Tuus Maria. I love you.

I am sure there are others, but I’m supposed to be cooking dinner for Jodi. Forgive me if I didn’t mention you by name. Rest assured I love you too!


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