A Man of Many Fathers

In the spirit of my Mother’s Day post from last month, I thought I raise a post and a pint to the fathers who matter most in my life to receive God’s blessing. Happy Father’s Day!

To Daryl, my dad and dziadzi to my children: You set a high bar for fatherhood and sacrificial love, Dad, and even though we are quite different, I still strive to be like you in so many ways. Thank you for your constant care, support and example. I love you.

To all the priests who have blessed me over the years. To Fr. Kubiak, my baptismal priest; Fr. Hart, the priest of my First Reconciliation and First Communion; my spiritual father, Fr. Bill Zink, the priest of my reversion, Confirmation, and first call to ministry; and the various shepherds who, at critical moments in my conversion, have called me to deeper discipleship: Fr. Leonard Siebenaler, Fr. Michael Becker, Fr. Michael Rudolf, Fr. Peter Richards, Fr. Nathaniel Meyers, Fr. Nathan LaLiberte, Fr. Joah Ellis, and Jim Englert. I am eternally grateful, and I love you.

To Brendan, my eldest son and expectant father of our first grandchild: It humbles me to see you and your bride step so calmly and confidently into marriage and family life. I am inspired by your love and example, I cannot wait to see your little one asleep in your arms (or erupting out both ends!)—and I love you.

To my departed grandfathers: grandpa Duane Thorp and dziadzi Frank Galubenski. I have so many fond memories, heard so many stories and learned much from both of you. I love and miss you both.

To Ken, the father of my bride and my second dad. Thank you for prayers, confidence and support, and for entrusting to me one of your most precious creations—Jodi, and you, are such a blessing to me. I love you.

To Rusty, the husband of my sister and my brother in Christ. Thank you for your generosity, faithfulness, and loving care of my sister and your family together. I love you.

To Jodi’s brothers, Brad and Chris, and her brother-in-law Matt: God bless you three for your yes to fatherhood, with all the blessings and sacrifices that come with it, and your steadfast guidance, sacrifice and love for your families. Know of my prayers—I love you!

To Mike, Todd and Joe, my spiritual brothers. Who knew a guy could have such comrades? With the ladies, I broke it down individually, but as the kids say these days, I can’t even. I am blessed to have men like you and families like yours in my life, so different from myself and yet all pulling in the same direction, toward heaven. I appreciate your perspectives, seek your wisdom, and look forward to laughing with you all for years to come. I love you all.

To Bill, the father of my new daughter(-in-law, technically), Becky. What can I say? Thank you. We couldn’t ask for a more beautiful blessing than she has been to us. And I love you and your family!

To our God  and St. Joseph. For love, life, liberty and our Lord, thank you. I love you both.

IF you have been a father or mentor to me and I didn’t mention you by name, I am sorry. Rest assured I love you too!


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